Cataline Challenge Results

It was a great success!  Over the 48 hours, 48 laps of 7.4 km were recorded.  That is over 355 km skied over the sunny weekend.  Fastest time was Anika W. at 29 min 17 sec.  Lap times under 40 minutes were completed by Tim P, Glen D, Roy K, Bev R, Julianne T, and Nadia W.

Random draw prizes have been done and winners have been contacted.  A big thank you to Cycle Logic, Red Shreds, CCBC and Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club for donated prizes.

Thank you to all the skiers who participated in this event to wrap up a fun ski season.  And a huge thank you to the groomers who put down a great ski surface that lasted all weekend despite some challenging end-of-season weather conditions.