Cataline Challenge Results & Thanks!

Thanks to all who participated in the second annual Cataline Challenge. This year we had 20 different skiers do 27 laps of the 7.4 km course over 48 hours. Fastest time was Anika Wallin completing the course in 25min and 20 seconds. Seven other skiers completed it in under 41 min – Sean Donahue, Betty Donahue Rodger Hamilton, Roy Keats, Matt Burkey, Bev Rooke, and Nadia Wallin.  The fastest “non-racer” time in the 48 hour event was Sean Donahue.

Nice work to everyone who skied the loop and thank you to our groomers, and to Bev for organizing this!

A big thank you to Red Shreds, Cycle Logic and Caribou Ski Source for Sports for their donations of draw prizes. Winners of the random draws will be contacted directly.

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