Ski School Gallery 2019


The Williams Lake Cross Country Ski Club “Ski School” kicked off its first season offering free equipment usage to the community at the club’s annual Family Fun Day in January. How could this have happened without the generosity of our supporters. With the additional support of equipment provided by Cariboo Source for Sports and chili and bannock provided by the First Nations Health Authority we enjoyed 120 participants topping our previous record of 85. What a great Community! A huge thank you.


Schools began arriving at Bull Mountain on Jan 13th. Our partnering School, Grow (Graduation Routes Other Ways) helped raise funding for the project with the intent of sharing with as many other schools as possible. They arrived with students ranging from grades Kindergarten to Grade 12. Teachers, parents and even students had taken advantage of coach training funding. Add to that the supporting help of experienced coach volunteers and everyone is moving more comfortably on skis. Check out the videos below. And kids, thank your parents for their vision, your doing great!




International Students

How exciting to host a group of 28 International students and chaperones introducing them to their first experience on skis, …and to top it off the pleasure of smores! It had rained the day before but thanks to the valiant efforts of the grooming team, trails had been refreshed overnight and we were able to carry on skiing at around +2 Celsius. The group arrived at 9:30 and by the time they left at 3:00 everyone was able to head off and handle the ups and downs of classic ski trails. The group had excellent instruction from peer mentors from our track attack program who provided incentive, instruction and help. Thanks gang, you did such a super job! And by morning…..temperatures had plunged to -32 Celsius with the wind chill. Talk about fortune.