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Williams Lake Cross-Country Ski Club offers Cross-Country Canada’s Skill Development Program for children (pre-school to 12 years), a youth racing program, and periodically offers introductory lessons for adults.

Skill Development Program for Children (Cross-Country Canada):

The Skill Development Program (SDP) is comprised of three levels or stages, Bunnyrabbit, Jackrabbit and Track Attack. The overall objective of the program is to assist children in the development of a love of the outdoors, a healthy lifestyle, excellent technical skills and a good level of physical fitness within a sport environment.

The programs are:

Bunnyrabbit Program:  (ages 5 and under) is directed at children in the ‘Active Start’ stage of development.

The Jackrabbit Program (ages 6-9) is directed at children in the ‘FUNdamentals’ stage of development.

The Track Attack Program (ages 10-12) is directed at children in the ‘Learning to Train’ stage of development.

Youth Programs

WLCCS Club’s Bull Mountain Racers:

Jackrabbit and Track Attack skiers who are interested in focussed training and races are welcome to join our Bull Mountain Racers team.  The team practices one or more additional times per week, and these skiers often participate in local and out-of-town races and loppets.

Bull Mountain Racers

Ski School Program:

New this year.

Ski School Program

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