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Examining Snow Fleas (or why we don’t eat snow!)

The WLCCSC ski school program, which provides children in grades K-7 ski lessons at Bull Mountain, is set to proceed again this season. The program will consist of up to 3 lessons per class to ensure students  develop lasting technical skills. Classes will be broken down into groups of 6-10 students with a coach and an assistant. Coaches and ski equipment will be provided by the WLCCSC. In school or home school, make use of our snowshoe environmental trail which can augment curriculum based outdoor programs. The Ski School is designed to be inclusive of all skills and abilities.

We invite anyone who may be interested in coach training to contact us. Those who already hold coaching qualifications and find they miss the infectious, youthful joy of fun on snow please join in. We can accommodate various levels of time commitment. Our lessons are all about having fun and being active. You won’t want to be left out!


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How to Participate

Contact us. [email protected]

Stay tuned to read about our programs progress and be prepared with words of encouragement when you pass us on the trails.

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How to Dress for Cross Country Skiing

Layer up. As with any winter outdoor activity, the key to staying comfortable and warm is by dressing in layers. You will need to have an inner, middle and outer layer of clothing at minimum.

Things you’ll need:

  • * Thermal underwear
  • * Fleece pull-over
  • * Outer Pants
  • * Jacket
  • * Socks
  • * Toque
  • * Mitts or Gloves
  • * Water bottle or cup
  • ** Start by putting on your inner layer of thermal underwear and undershirt. Try to choose a fiber blend for your “long johns” that will wick away the sweat from your body as you ski.
  • ** Suit up with your thermal middle layer. Pick out a fleece or synthetic pull-over that is stretchy or loose to allow freedom of movement. This layer may also serve as your outer layer if you are cross country skiing on a particularly warm winter day.
  • ** Pick a pair of outer pants that are both water and wind-resistant. NO JEANS!!!
  • ** Look for the same qualities in your jacket. It should be lighter than a downhill skiing jacket, but it still needs to protect you from cold wind and wet snow.
  • ** Dress in warm and comfortable socks. Just as with your inner layer, you should select a pair that will wick away moisture as you exert yourself.
  • ** The head is important for body heat regulation. Wearing a toque will help retain heat and keep the hands and feet warm. Taking the toque off will help you cool down quickly. Use a thick toque in cold conditions and a lighter one for when it is warmer. On very cold days add a neck warmer, buff or balaclava.
  • ** Find mitts or ski gloves that will keep your hands warm while still allowing you to handle your poles with ease. Your hands will end up in the snow, keep them warm and dry!
  • ** Bring your own water bottle. You WILL be thirsty after your lesson!


Breakfast is imperative!

It is very obvious when a student has not eaten breakfast. They poop out half way through the lesson.

Please consume a balanced breakfast before your ski day. If breakfast is really not your thing, ensure you have brought a substantial snack to eat on the journey to Bull Mountain.  The ski school does not usually incorporate snack breaks into the lesson structure.


  • Eggs and whole grain toast and orange juice
  • Whole grain hot cereal, such as oatmeal, with blueberries or other fruit
  • Toast and peanut (or other nut) butter with a banana
  • French toast with fruit, cream cheese
  • Fruit, yogurt and muffin
  • Breakfast burrito
  • Homemade Smoothie: Yogurt, banana, orange juice, other fruit in blender
  • Apple and cheese
  • Fruit juices, not punch
  • Milk: soy, cow
  • Please bring a filled water bottle. You will be very thirsty at the end of the lesson.



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