COVID-19 Re-Opening Plan

How to Participate

The Distance Education GROW School was inspired to support this program as it was their desire to see an increase in community accessibility to the sport of cross country skiing and winter outdoor sport. The WLCCSC, through its group of volunteers, is working hard to see that vision realized. The Club has been successful in putting together a good complement of ski equipment to accommodate skiers of all ages.

If you are a school, a PAC, a community organization or just a group who wants to get out together for a ski please contact us to see if we can accommodate you: [email protected]

We are accepting applications from Schools for next year’s ski school program.

Please click on our forms page link if you are preparing your class for participation in our Ski School Program. All of the forms can be downloaded to your computer.


If you are interested in coaching we may be able to help you with your course fees. The initial courses are available online and can be accessed through the link below. Please contact us for help in getting started.

login for coaching courses

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